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Their knowledge of Partypoker statistics and probabilities is useful, but their lack of concern for money, massive egos, and their dependency on reading their opponents are daggers in their hearts. A thoroughbred horse doesn't give a fat flying fig who you are or how inflated your ego is. You can't intimidate a pair of dice with an all-in bet. A tipped pass in overtime will doom your bet on the Cowboys no matter how big your wager.

Lots of really good gamblers don't do nearly as well as they should because they spring "leaks." If you're not sure what a leak is, here's a typical example. There's a guy we know who plays pretty good, middle stakes poker. That's not a problem; in fact he's a long-term winning poker player, and that's a feat in and of itself. But he has a leak; he thinks he knows something about the horses.

You can't dominate your Partypoker opponents simply because you're a better Partypoker player than they are, or by virtue of the fact that your desire to win exceeds theirs. You can do this in physical sports, but it's not quite the same at the poker table. A good professional fighter, for example, who has trained hard and has the will to win, is going to beat a lesser opponent - and outside of a lucky punch or a bad decision, he's going to beat him all the time.