Poker's Equivalent to a Punter

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Ok, so now I'M on tilt. I become determined to get MY money back. (Note that everything I'm doing, I tell you not to do.) The pot-limit game breaks up with me stuck $170. The problem with stupid days is that you are stupid all day and can't stop being stupid. I go over to a jam up Omaha Hi-Lo game and play for 12 hours. A couple of times through the night and into the next afternoon, I win more than I'd lost for the night and was up for the Partypoker session. But the game was so outstanding I didn't quit.

For as long as you can maintain the exercise, watch yourself play Partypoker from a camera angle just over your right shoulder. Within the picture frame, the camera can see all the players at the table and can zoom in on your hand when it is dealt to you. Instead of you putting your money in the pot, you are watching an actor putting his chips in the pot. Now the camera follows everyone in turn around the table. From this detached point of view, suddenly everyone's motives for acting are revealed. Including YOURS.

Stratosphere when the small blind got up. We didn't want anyone to get the button twice. The forward button idea didn't work out. Players and dealers would get confused, forget or become angry, so we dumped this rule. Get some friends together and approach your cardroom with a game idea. You might be surprised at how receptive it is to your suggestions. Design your own game and have fun.