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December 29, 2021

Delineated below, are some dramatized examples as to why the "Triple-Flop Hold'Em" is far better for the partypoker.net players.

A player has pocket aces or, kings and the first flop gives him or her, three of a kind, but that party poker.net player can't make a full house. Another player is holding a "3" and, the board is "ace, king, 2, 4, 5". He or she, loses to a five-high straight, or possibly to a flush, with 4 cards of the same suit in the "common cards" (or widow, as it's called sometimes) and a flush is made by someone holding the 5th card of the same suit.

Here is another example from PartyPoker, which is just as bad. A partypoker.net player has a king and queen of spades and they open three spades on the flop. One more spades card opens up on the turn or the river. Another player is holding the ace of spades to make an ace-high flush. The player who made a king-high flush, on the flop, is flushed "down the drain". How would you like to be in this position ? Lose with a king-high flush.This, naturally, could not happen in the new game.

According to Harrah Entertainment's The largest Online PartyPoker.net Room corporate vice president of table games, Gerry Tuthill, the further expansion of the WSOP brand is the perfect match for partner Progressive Gaming International Corportation. "We are excited to align with Progressive Gaming International and present a new, exciting way for partypoker fans to experience first-hand the thrills of the World Series of PartyPoker."

In addition to pleasing players, the new table game should benefit casino operators as well. According to vice president of sales and marketing at Progressive Gaming, this is a unique opportunity for gaming expansion by casinos. "Combining the popular and highly recognized WSOP brand with the exciting game play of Texas Hold'Em Bonus PartyPoker will provide all table game operators with a unique addition to their table games portfolio."

Tuthill further echoed Parente's sentiment's by declaring the game's success. "This break-through game will be attractive for gamers and casino operators alike."

One last example. A partypoker.net player is dealt an ace and a king. The flop makes him or her, aces and deuces, as the flop is, an ace and two deuces. The turn is a "3" and the river is also a "3". The aces up hand "goes up in smoke", because someone having one lousy deuce or a lousy "3", again, "steals" the pot, with a full house, because he or she is allowed to use both deuces and both "3's", to make a full house. How does it feel, if you had "aces up" on the flop, and wind up losing a big pot? Because four cards at party poker.net may be used from the board or, even none, of course.