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January 27, 2022

Although Partypoker's net winnings have never directly addressed the issue, Armitage said many other state courts have classified partypoker .net tournaments as a form of gambling, where chance predominates over skill. In Rhode Island, the Supreme Court ruled that partypoker is a game of chance because the outcome, to some extent, depends upon the random distribution of cards. Courts in New York, Illinois and Oregon made similar rulings. Alongside golfer Tiger Woods, actress Halle Berry, model Tyra Banks and actor Will Smith were such influential voices as Sam Martin, the Vice President of HBO Films and Njema Frazier, a physicist with the National Poker Security Administration. Phil Ivey's inclusion among such a noted group is indicative of the prosperity of partypoker .net today.

Poker has become a world-wide phenomenon, with the purses reaching astronomical levels. Partypoker net has been on television and has been a driving force to helping make it such, but no one can deny that Phil Ivey hasn't worked hard to make his way onto the Black Enterprise list. It will also be very helpful for Ivey in the sense that, after being recognized in such a manner, he should be the "face" of the future of not only poker but a driving force for bringing the partypoker game even further into the mainstream. In more criminal poker news, an off-duty policewoman is the victim of a recent Baltimore police raid on a high-stakes partypoker .net game in the Northeast section of Baltimore.

As part of an internal affairs investigation, the partypoker net raid was carried out at roughly 1:30 in the morning. Police handed out six criminal summonses and confiscated $4,600. According to police department spokesman, Matt Jablow, there was sufficient evidence that illegal gambling was occurring. "We began this investigation when we received a tip that Officer Mengel was involved in illegal gambling," Jablow said in a recent Baltimore Sun article. Police refused to disclose further details of the raid or the partypoker people involved. According to Jablow, Mengel and the other players are facing two gambling charges; one carries a penalty of up to two years in prison and $1,000 fine. The other charge has a penalty of up to two years in prison and $100 fine. Unlike the recent raid that netted 80 partypoker net players in South Baltimore last week, this bust was specifically focused on Mengel and the other players. After receiving a tip, the department's internal affairs and vice detectives began an investigation.

Hector Munoz-Avila, assistant partypoker professor of computer science and engineering, said the donated software will be used in "Artificial Intelligence: Game Programming," a course offered last fall for the first time that will be taught again next fall. The goal of the partypoker net students using the donated software in the new class, which Munoz-Avila teaches, will be to make better, more challenging computer games that adapt to a player's behavior, style and level of skill.