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November 8, 2021

Mike felt that partypoker affiliate had to come out big-time to catch the attention of the poker world... thus, the PartyPoker Million concept was born! Mike came through with what turned out to be a brilliant idea, and poker players loved it! For $22 a poker player could win a seat in a big partypoker tournament hosted on a luxurious cruise ship that would guarantee a $1,000,000 first-place prize! (This was quite an idea and a big gamble for a company to take, considering they didn't have one customer yet.) Mike presented the idea to his good friend, Linda Johnson, who with her partners Jan Fisher and Mark Tenner owned Card Player Cruises. Mike made a presentation to Card Player Cruises to become partners with in this venture and host the partypoker tournament on a Card Player cruise. At the end of his presentation, Mike looked at Mark and asked, "So what do you think?" Mark said, "Mike this idea is genius...

I don't see how it can miss!" launched its site in August 2001, nine months after Mike signed on, with PartyPoker Million qualifying tournaments. And as they say, the rest is history. Kathy Liebert won the first PPM in March of 2002, collecting the $1,000,000 first-place prize. In 2003, the winner was Howard Lederer. Here's an interesting tidbit that most people don't know: The first year of the PPM, Howard Lederer had entered the PPM partypoker tournament but wasn't allowed to board the ship with his wife because she was too far pregnant. (Cruise ships don't allow third-term pregnant women on board.) Howard was disappointed because he wanted to play, but wouldn't board the ship if his wife couldn't go. That Howard won the second PPM was truly poetic justice after he and his wife were left at the dock on the first one. Stay tuned for Part 4 of Mike's story, as we will take a look at how Steve Lipscomb and the World Poker Tour entered the picture. You'll also learn how became the #1 poker site in the world, reaching unimaginable heights of success, and eventually going public on the London Stock Exchange, with a capitalization of eight billion dollars!

Many successful poker players realize that balance is necessary in order to succeed in both poker and life. While the WSOP offers a very profitable opportunity to increase your bankroll, it would be a shame to come to Las Vegas and not experience some of the attractions that the entertainment capital of the world has to offer. Although the Rio has a very nice bar in the Voodoo Lounge, there are many great clubs close by that are easy and convenient to visit for those that would like to explore a bit of the Strip.

One of the hottest spots for nightlife action close by is the Palms casino, located just down the street. The Palms has a host of very highly touted bars and clubs; their lineup includes Moon, Playboy Club, Rain, and Ghost Bar, all of which are very popular for tourists and locals alike. For those that are unfamiliar with Vegas nightlife, most of the higher-end bars and clubs on the Strip require a dress code of -- at bare minimum -- no jeans with tears, dress shirt, and dress shoes. They also commonly require a cover charge of $10-30 and can oftentimes require a very long wait in line, if not something extra for the doorman should you or your group opt not to get bottle service.