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January 5, 2022

I promise that if he has the partypoker resolution program for me, I will give it a try! Best Restaurants? In the last issue we discussed your party poker introduction and education. I had picked up some good tells on this player, particularly the way he threw his chips into the pot in various situations as well as the facial expressions that he used. Even though I lost the hand, I really liked the play.

For casinos that wish to try out this system, Tex is offering the program and training in its usage free of charge. The most brilliant tournament plays will often appear to be really dumb plays to all but the most seasoned and sophisticated players and onlookers. The people that were in the other lines came over and got in mine!

How did you go about taking the step up to higher limits? This made me feel comfortable in a setting that can be somewhat intimidating for a novice. But my highest finish at the WSOP came a few days ago when I placed fourth in the $2,000 pot-limit hold'em tournament, which was kind of disappointing. Lee, I bring this up because any time that I make a play of this caliber I will invariably hear comments and see expressions from players and railbirds alike indicating that I made an idiotic play.

Well, just in the nick of time I found two hands to play. Wow, those are some impressive accomplishments. With the vast background and wealth of experience that you possess, what are your thoughts regarding things that can be done to help the party poker industry? "Jack Straus is there." So we start talking with Jack and pretty soon we hear a pounding on the door. SL - Do you believe the Internet can be an excellent tool to help diminish the fear and intimidation the average "kitchen party poker player" has and help them to feel comfortable in getting into the real brick and mortar casino poker games? I had an ace and a king in the hole. Are there any rule changes you would like to see and did you have any unique rules at Stratosphere? It's hand-by-hand play. I don't even snap, you understand, I just pick up the phone and call Benny.

In a major tournament you may have been playing for ten or twelve hours to get to that point. Well, as the United States Poker Champion, you'll have that opportunity. Yes. I still much prefer a live tournament. Yes, but not for several days. In addition, if he had a four he (most likely) would slow play anyway. I figure that the best way to learn to play better is to play against the top players -- I learn best by playing against the best. It was very discouraging, even depressing. It was then that I realized the player under the gun had gone all in before me with about $6,000 in chips.