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December 8, 2021

I was also quite sure my raise told him I had at least two pair, and probably a set at When the 8h fell on the river he bet, I raised, and he reraised. It was then I knew my assessment was wrong. He could not possibly have A-K. He had to have a hand like A-J suited and tried to steal the pot with his bet on the turn -- since he had top pair with a reasonably good kicker as well as an opportunity to for a flush if another heart fell on the river. That's exactly what happened.

So how much of a stake do you need to keep form going broke? The answer isn't altogether clear, and, like the answer to so many questions, "it depends." While I can't give you a hard and fast, sum-certain answer, there are a few factors you should consider in making this determination for yourself. For any of this to be applicable at all, you need to be a winning Partypoker net player.

Play few Party hands, but play aggressively when you are dealt a good hand. Actually, if you're going about it the right way, you'll gain as much or more by watching your opponents when you are not involved in a hand than you'll learn by vying for pots with them. Make sure you have some idea about the hands you will play from various starting positions before looking at your cards.

In addition, there are three tens in the deck (exclusive of the 10h, which completes your flush) that will give you a straight draw. A lot of good Party cards are in that deck, and you are rife with potential. When you couple the chances of making the best hand on the turn or the river with the possibility that your adversaries will fold if you bet, you are probably an odds-on favorite to win the pot one way or another.