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Doyle Brunson's Super System

Brunson & Co. wrote this book in the mid 1970s and if your interest in poker as a game with a very rich and colourful history is anything like mine its well worth buying. The chapters where Brunson talks about his past are great background to understanding one of the all-time great champions.

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The Theory of Poker

David Sklansky is generally considered the number one authority on gambling in the world today. Besides his ten books on the subject, David also has produced two videos and numerous writings for various gaming publications. His occasional poker seminars always receive an enthusiastic reception, including those given at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

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Play Poker Like the Pros

As the introduction stresses, this is not a book to be perused casually; rather, you read it like a textbook, a training manual for effective poker playing, at both beginning and advanced levels.

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