Biggest Buy-In Tournament in History

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December 21, 2021

And you thought the 'Big Game' at Bellagio was for high stakes. Well, you thought wrong. Consider looking online at party to find the biggest tournament in the history of the game.

Today, Fox Sports, along with new poker site announced by far the biggest buy in poker tournament in history. Six players will each put up ten million dollars each to play in, what will amount to the biggest sit-n-go in the history of the world.

Despite the fact that no participants have been formally announced, partyPoker net has learned that there is one confirmed participant. It is no surprise that the name Phil Ivey is being rumored as a confirmed participant, and this fact may be confirmed as early as the next day or so. According to Fox Sports Net VP George Greenberg, it will take "upwards of at least two months to lock all the participants down"

The ten million dollar buy-in event will be held in Australia, probably on July 12th at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. The goal of Fox Sports Net is to broadcast the bulk of the event, and they hope the final two hours will be broadcast on 'Big Fox', the main Fox Network

The turn card (4th board card) is the Jack of spades, making your straight - but the first player bets right out. You must fold! When three of a suit hit the board in party poker net tournaments, somebody usually has the flush. Even if not, your straight can be beaten by a 9/Q or an A/Q in somebody else's hand. And since the turn card was a "brick" (9 or higher), you can no longer make a qualifying low (8 or better).

You cannot call a bet here, but you can probably go ahead and make a bet if you're first to act. That's because your Party bet will look just as scary to your opponents if they don't have a flush as it would look to you. They just might fold a 9/Q or an A/Q. It's probably worth one bet since it might win you a whole pot. is a game of odds and logic. At the beginning of the hand you use the odds to pick a good starting hand. As the play progresses, you use logic to determine what is, what can be and where your hand fits into that. You need to ask yourself questions throughout the hand, and the accuracy of your answers will ultimately determine your fortune.