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March 1, 2022

While poker has gone beyond the texas hold'em gaming tables to become a lifestyle unto itself, a group of hopefuls have their hearts set on adding poker pro to their resumes. Ten poker players from Partypoker net will compete for an endorsement deal with Team PokerRoom in the Become a Poker Pro Tournament aboard the Majesty Of The Seas cruise ship on March 5, 2006. The 10 finalists have qualified to compete for the Team endorsement deal through a series of online tournaments played on the site. Nine of the players are U.S. based and one partypoker player is from Helsinki, Finland.

The winner will receive a six figure endorsement package valued at $250,000 including travel expenses and buy-ins for 12 major partypoker tournaments including World Series Of Poker Main Event, the World Poker Tour Bellagio 5 Diamond Classic and the World Poker Tour Final. The players will compete for the endorsement deal in a No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament during the cruise. The age and background of the competing players varies significantly and range from a thirty-one year old electrician living outside of Boston, Massachusetts that is married and expecting twins, to a twenty-three year old waiter living in Washington D.C. "This tournament and partypoker .net endorsement deal is about supporting the up and coming players and enthusiasts that want to play in the big tournaments with some of the best in the game like Negreanu and Hansen," he said. "Team helps to develop individual player skills needed to compete and enjoy the game of poker whether you're seeking fame, fortune or competing just for fun."

There are a lot of different rule variants for poker, even online at partypoker net. The World Series of Poker plans to host 42 different variants this year. Nowack specializes in No-Limit Texas Hold 'em, which he says is "very exciting, and very expensive." To start with, the dealer gives each player two cards, and then five "community cards" dealt between rounds of betting determine the rest of the partypoker texas hold'em poker hand for every player. There's no limit on how much money you can put on the table."It definitely requires practice and patience," Nowack says. "The more you practice, the more you learn to read people in person, or read people's betting habits in online poker rooms like partypoker. You have to be able to predict what a person has, or in the end you're just gambling, hoping for a lucky hand. You also have to practice what to do with good cards, to figure out how to make the most partypoker money with the cards you have."

Detailed industry report includes results of a survey conducted among industry experts featuring partypoker's hottest topic. Gambling reinvents itself constantly, and online poker is the product that seems to be the current guarantor of future growth. Online poker is the perfect symbiosis of two mega trends in gambling: online gambling and partypoker .net. What began as triumphant advance in the US is now leading to a global poker wave on the Internet with tremendous potential.