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May 16, 2022

The partypoker blinds are $5000-$10,000 with $1000 antes. If I raise big, I may make it worthwhile for Humberto to re-raise or even move in on me. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress is a compensable injury in most states, so if my hand is known by millions of card players, it will probably haunt the sleep of at least 10,000 in the same way your five-aces hand does. The flop came J-J-Q. No partypoker disability coverage. He's a thirty-something street thug who learned his poker doing ten-to-twenty in the Louisiana State Pen for aggravated murder.

How many lawyers, businessmen, politicians, doctors, or anyone else can really say that? Scientists are just beginning to investigate why this is so. Doyle Brunson is to poker what Babe Ruth was to baseball -- a larger-than-life giant of a man who not only helped to revolutionize and popularize the game he loved, but set the standard for achievement and excellence by which all other players are measured.

I think it was only the third live partypoker tournament I had played. This year, even the rail stands to be a good seat. Let's say it's $35 in tournament chips, as in the previous example. He called reluctantly, and lost. Huh? To make things easier, color-up the count stacks to keep them from getting in the way of playing. As Greenstein's poker life unfolds, victories and wins aren't celebrated nor are losses dismissed. With a special introduction from Andy Glazer's friend and WSOP Champion, Phil Hellmuth, PokerPages will feature Glazer's work from our partypoker collection of his timeless legacy.

Mom reads yet another partypoker lesson masked as a horoscope: Emphasizing self-interests to the detriment of others today may give you momentary gain, but down the line these same people will find a way to make sure you'll never receive an edge again. I'll bet you do the same thing. Three years ago in the Pacific Northwest, three poker players missing. I have Newton's Law. There just has to be one. Had Jim and I called he would have quadrupled up and I would have been driving back to Paducah. Then I'd win a nice pot and now I'd have $1000.